5 Types of This Diet Are Known to Be Very Effective for Reducing Healthy Weight

Setting a diet or diet is one way you can do to lose weight. Some scientists in the health sector even claim that diets have a major influence on the body. Even with the right diet and without exercise to any fitness place, fat in the body can wear off quickly. The advantages of a diet in losing weight make many people interested in trying it. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to diet properly. In fact, many of them interpret the diet as a reduction in eating or not even eating at all. Below there are 5 types of healthy diets that can be applied to lose weight in a healthy way.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the diet methods that are started by many people. Diets with this type have the concept of limiting the time to eat that is done every day. Usually, someone who does intermittent fasting has never done breakfast in the morning and only eats from afternoon or evening. The concept of limiting meal time ultimately results in the existence of meal times and fasting times. Meal times usually range from 4-8 hours each day. If you start eating at 12 noon, your meal will run until 8pm. This cycle can be alternated every day or week. If this week you take a 6-hour meal, then the following week can take a 4-hour meal. Oh yes, you are also advised to fast 24 hours a week and exercise to the gym so that the body does not experience plateau. Symptoms of plateu will make the weight reluctant to go down even though the method used is correct. Your body has begun to adapt to the diet so that the things done will not be responded to properly.

  • Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is a diet method that is carried out with restrictions on meal times. One way is to lose weight by consuming lots of fat in large quantities, medium amounts of protein, and very small amounts of carbohydrates. In this diet, various rice and other carbohydrates are enemies that should be avoided as much as possible, including various sweet foods and drinks. A person who does ketogenic diets can eat high protein foods like various meats. In addition, they are also required to consume a lot of healthy fats such as cheese, olive oil, and several other healthy fatty ingredients. Early on this diet, someone will experience keto flu (weak body and want to vomit) which can be neutralized by drinking salt water. This effect will disappear 1-2 weeks after the body can adapt.

  • Flexible Dieting

Flexible dieting is one diet method that is widely applied by fitness players in the world. In the concept of flexible dieting, all food must be realized in three macronutrient components. For example 100 grams of chicken meat will contain around 30 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 0 grams of carbohydrates. Each component will be recorded so that nutritional requirements can be met properly without having to have less or more. Flexible dieting will make a person rarely gain weight. Every day, food consumed will be recorded in great detail. In addition to avoiding rising weight. Flexible dieting also avoids decreasing muscle mass for bodybuilding so that the muscles are always maintained in thickness. Oh yes, flexible dieting is very effective even though in the process there are some people who are lazy to record nutrients from the food consumed.

  • Food Combining

Food combining is one diet method that is widely applied by those who want to lose weight and a disease free body. Diet or how to regulate eating combines several components to be precise and can be accepted by the body perfectly. Usually, ingredients from animal protein should not be mixed with carbohydrates. This means that you can only eat fried chicken with vegetables without rice. Food combining activists usually consume more food in raw form. They will eat various vegetables combined with several proteins. Oh yes, every morning a person who does food combining will drink lime juice mixed with warm water. After that, they will only eat fruits before a big meal in the afternoon and at night. In food combining there is no prohibition on eating certain foods. All that is needed is proper combining.

  • Atkin Diet

Atkin diet is a diet with an approach that is almost similar to ketogenic diet. This type of diet requires a person not to consume large amounts of carbohydrates. Usually one day is only rationed by 20 grams of carbohydrates. The rest, the remaining nutrients can be filled with meat or other healthy fat ingredients until daily macronutrients are fulfilled perfectly. Oh yeah, in a diet, a person who wants to lose weight must go through 4 different phases. The first phase is

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